Exterior Chateau Photos
The cupola or lantern
Henri IV, Good King Henri, ended France's religious
strife when he acquired the throne in 1589. Henri
benefited the Sarthe by establishing a military school
in La Fleche. Henri was first a Protestant, as was
Baron d'Aubigny, who converted to Catholicism to
unite his country.
The water nymph greeted guests arriving from
the Sarthe River, as many would have in 1905
and beyond.
It is rare for a chateau to have as much
architectural detail on its back
elevation as on its front. This is another
indication of how important receiving
guests from the Sarthe river was.
The banks of the Sarthe at the Allée Cavalière
Vows of a lifetime are exchanged in the Allée Cavalière
View from the dining room towards the protected park across the Sarthe